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Effective. Intelligent. Diligent. Trustworthy. 

Fletcher, Toll & Ray, LLP is an accomplished, full-service legal firm that has successfully represented clients in a wide variety of cases since 1985. Located in Wilmington, the firm serves clients throughout the state of North Carolina. Although smaller in size, the firm provides exemplary services with a professionalism that rivals many larger firms. Built upon the foundation of relationships with its clients, the firm continuously strives to provide consistently superior legal services to existing and new clients. The firm recognizes the importance of all of its clients, regardless of the size of their cases. Fletcher Toll & Ray, LLP treats each client individually, beginning with an honest assessment of the merits of the client’s case extending through the formulation and implementation of a client-centered plan of action.

A Unique Group of Hardworking Attorneys

The firm is composed of five conscientious, accomplished attorneys who have specific expertise in a variety of practice areas. Within these practice areas, the attorneys represent individuals, families, business owners, corporations and creditors. The purpose of the attorneys of Fletcher, Toll & Ray, LLP is to serve their clients at the highest level of professionalism, working with their clients to effectuate results in the clients’ best interests.

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